Choosing your wedding dress

Most brides tell us that one of the very first things that they head out to buy is their wedding dress. With the enormity of the day, this is one of the most important clothing purchases you are ever going to make, so it pays to take it a bit more seriously than your average dress purchase. A few tips on buying the right wedding gown:

Think longer term when buying your wedding dress

This is an odd thing to say when you are buying a dress that will only be worn for one day, however you have to remember that pictures of this particular dress will be around for most if not all of your life.

If you don’t normally wear sleeves, don’t start now. That goes for the whole gown. There is a reason that you don’t normally wear this or that style of dress and it is because you don’t feel confortable in them. Perhaps you don’t wear dresses at all; then best to go for that one dress style that you really loved back when you did (assuming you are the same shape and not 15kg lighter than the time you loved the look of a style). If you don’t feel comfortable in a style normally, you aren’t suddenly going to feel comfortable in it on your wedding day.

Try on before you buy your wedding dress. Go to the biggest store near you (or in the closest big town) and try on all the styles you think you like, taking pictures of the ones you like best. Try not to fall in love with a dress and buy it that day, this is more reconnaissance than anything.

Don’t go fad. This dress will be staring out at you from your wedding album for years to come. Elegant, stylish, timeless are generally better terms when considering this than funky, different, fad.

Consider everything when choosing your wedding dress

Consider your venue. Don’t buy a long white veil if there is a long dirty road to walk on up to the wedding chapel.

Consider the season. Make sure to buy lighter fabric for summer or to have a warmth solution for winter if the dress isn’t going to be warm enough. Especially consider this if your venue is exposed to the elements.

Consider your figure. Ask a professional what you should be wearing. You don’t need to blindly follow their advice, after all you have to be comfortable, but just listen to what they say so you can make informed decisions.

Consider your skin colour. Very pale skins shouldn’t be wrapped in pure white. White is not your only option. There are many beautiful gold, cream or any other muted varieties to choose from.

And one last thing: wear nice under garments on the shopping day, remember you will spend a lot of time showing them off to shop assistants in change rooms!