Past wedding trends

The past two years in South Africa have brought a host of wedding trends, with a wide mix of colour, design and décor. Home/garden weddings that seem to have spilled over into 2011 taking with them a lot of home-made products, including home-made wedding favours and DIY-style décor (or at least the appearance of home-made). This trend seems to have some stamina.

Vintage, used styles which are not so far from home-made (coincidentally?) seem to be taking the wedding world by storm. So too, have we seen Latin influence in the form of fitted bodices, shawls, full strapless wedding dresses and lots of lace.

In another direction, there seems to have been a deco influence especially in the wedding stationary and mid-leg length wedding gowns. In fact history seems to have played a big part in 2010, 2011 wedding décor themes, as old broaches and other pieces.

A combination of traditional and completely not traditional seems to have been the order of the day, but whatever way wedding couples have gone, “normal” seems to be gone!