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Marriage Contracts - Which one best suits you?

A marriage contract is called an Antenuptial Contract or ANC
(It is also known as a Marriage Contract, Marital Contract or Prenup Agreement)

There are 3 types of Marriage Contracts, which are explained below.
Choosing the right contract is VERY VERY important.

  1. Marriage in community of property
  2. Marriage out of community of property
  3. Marriage out of community of property subject to the accrual system

Past wedding trends

The past two years in South Africa have brought a host of wedding trends, with a wide mix of colour, design and décor. Home/garden weddings that seem to have spilled over into 2011 taking with them a lot of home-made products, including home-made wedding favours and DIY-style décor (or at least the appearance of home-made). This trend seems to have some stamina.

Your Wedding Budget

Before planning your wedding, deciding and calculating your wedding budget is the most important starting point. Here is a helpful list of all wedding expenses that you need to consider when working ourt your wedding budget.


  • Chapel/Church/Ceremony Venue Hire      
  • Minister Fee/Donation


Aged-and-gorgeous on your wedding day

Rustic Wedding

Seems as though the new order of the day is Rustic wedding themes. Visit any wedding website these days and you will be introduced to a host of barnyard type décor for your wedding. The back to basics idea runs from Ethnic and bush type wedding themes to farmer’s market and barn wedding themes. Seems that a few bails of hay and granny’s tablecloths are not necessarily bottom of the decor list for a modern day wedding! More power to the idea, we say!