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Christian Wedding Proceedings

Though the different branches of Christianity conduct slightly different wedding ceremonies, there is a general consistency between the flows of the days. For one thing, for the most part, and unlike Muslim weddings, the wedding proceedings happen on one day.

Your wedding day should proceed how you want it to, however tradition being the only consistent source of advice, we offer this as a general “how your wedding day should proceed”. We add times only as a guide but do not suggest that these are the only acceptable times to do things by any means.

Wedding Speeches

After asking a number of Grooms about their thoughts on weddings one of the biggest hurdles for them, we picked up, was the groom’s wedding speech. In fact the best-man, father of the bride, and master of ceremonies all wished they had been better prepared for their speech. After a bit of research, from experts, friends and customers, we came up with these tips about your wedding speech: