What is the correct order of speeches?

There is much debate about the correct order of speeches around the Beautiful Wedding offices. As we cannot agree, we decided to give you the two schools of thought on the subject within our little community.

Order of speech according to the logical order, more traditional school of thought

Traditionally the “Master of ceremonies” was not actually a separate person at all. In fact, the best man’s duties used to extend to this job, however modern society have created a new character to undertake this task. That accounted for: The speeches will start with the Best man (or Master of Ceremonies if you insist on having one) introduces a guest speaker. This person is not generally of the bridal party but is a close friend or family member of the bridal couple. That speaker ends his/her speech by toasting the couple. The couple (usually represented by the groom) then respond to that speech and speaks of his new wife and ends by toasting the parents and thanking them for the wedding. The parents (represented by the father of bride) then respond by thanking everyone for coming. His speech ends with a toast to absent friends. The best man then responds on behalf of those absent friends by reading telegraphs and toasting the bridesmaids.

In amongst that, whatever those speakers say is up to them. By unwritten lore, the best man usually takes the opportunity to embarrass the groom for instance, and the groom usually spends a bid of time focusing on his new bride, however his primary function is to thank the parents.

Modernized order of speeches school of thought

Today, generally, things run differently, and the logical order is ignored. The concept of a master of ceremonies (MC) is taken as a separate individual and this person becomes a sort of manager for pretty much the whole evening.

The speeches start with the MC introducing the father of the bride who welcomes everyone, talks about his daughter and then toasts absent friends. The MC then returns to the platform to introduce the Groom, who’s speech includes thanking all of the various helpers and service providers, thanking the father of the bride for his new wife, and then lavishing adoration on his new bride, ending with a toast in her honour. The MC again returns to the spotlight and introduces the final speaker, the best man. The point of whom is to entertain by embarrassing and ratifying his friend the groom as an outstanding member of society.

Finally the MC returns to announce the wedding dinner.